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The wait is over, Graphic Design Basics is here, and I’m holding nothing back! The same skills I’ve used to create design solutions for the University of Pennsylvania, Motown Gospel, The Potter’s House North Dallas, Serita Jakes, etc. are the same ones I’ll be teaching on October 5th at The Common Place, 5736 Chester Ave. in Philly at 1 pm.

To show you how excited I am, I’m coming right out the gate with a deal simply because I’ve been holding onto this info for so long and NEED to get it out of my heart and into your toolbox.

Again, I’ll be covering fundamental topics like:

+ How to Work With Color:
How to give your flyers a bright and clean look while diving into the psychology behind how colors can invoke certain feelings.

+ Intro to Fonts and Typography:
Just like color, there’s a strategy in picking the right font for the job. I’ll also cover how to establish a visual hierarchy with words alone so that the message in your design is clear.

+ Image Cropping Secrets:
We’ll get into the heavy lifting of cutting, cropping, and masking. Just make sure you’re ready to get your hands dirty.

+ Designing for Web and Print:
I’ll help you determine the difference between the two so that after this course, merchants and printers alike will love you.

+ Anatomy of the Flyer:
I’ll break down the must-have pieces of developing an effective promo design, ones that not only look great but will drive RESULTS.

As you can see, I’m pretty excited about this so to make sure you get in, for a short time, tickets will be on sale for only $49.

I know people say this often but seats really are limited so don’t delay in securing yours!

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